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How it works


No ordinary garlic

How it works

The idea is pretty simple - you buy a share in our yearly harvest via a subscription (£23), that rolls round every 12 months, and this payment covers 18 garlic bulbs (£18) that are sent to you in two deliveries, roughly 6 months apart  + the postage and packing at £2.50 per delivery = £23.


At Pili-Pala Farm, we have two main harvests each year (spring and late summer) and these are dried and dispatched every year in around July and December.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, or simply let it roll on every 12 months, giving you a year round supply for as long as you wish. Once you pay a subscription, you cannot get a refund for that 12 month period..sorry.

Please note: We only deliver in July and December!

Your first delivery will be determined by the point at which you subscribe:

  • Subscriptions started between 1st December - 31st May will start on the July delivery

  • Subscriptions started between 1st June - 30th November will start on the December delivery

Of course, if you keep your yearly subscription going, you will receive 9 garlic bulbs roughly every 6 months, on the delivery runs stated above, for as long as you remain subscribed and, in theory, keep a year round supply (or close!).

Why 18 bulbs?


We assume that the average cook will get through around 18 large garlic bulbs throughout the year, so that's around a bulb and a half a month (or approx 5 cloves) a week - hence the figure 18. If your a big garlic eater, you may want to double up!

We harvest our garlic in two yields, one in June (autumn planted varieties) and one in October (spring planted varieties), then air dry the bulbs for around 4 to 6 weeks. Once cured, and in the right storage conditions, our harvest can last between 4 - 6 months, if stored correctly, and depending on the variety.


We then post your garlic in a small card box using either Royal Mail, or Evri every 5 to 6 months, depending on harvesting, weather, and schedules.


The bulbs arrive in a card box, and can be stored in here, in a cool dark place. A pantry is perfect, or a cool, airy cupboard. You may wish to transfer them into a jar, or place a bulb in the fridge as you use it. Our garlic bulbs generally last for around 3 - 6 months.


A word about the price


We aim to sell each of our garlic bulbs for £1. This may seem a little expensive, compared to supermarket counterparts, however, this is no ordinary garlic.

Our garlic is generally larger, sometimes over twice the size of imports. Our garlic is grown without the use of harmful chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers, and is instead, grown using regenerative, low impact principles. Our garlic is not grown as part of an intensive mono-culture system, it's grown by hand in a small area of Welsh hillside on a family run market garden. Moreover, we strongly believe (as do many of our customers), that our garlic tastes better, has more complex flavours, and lasts longer.

So, to put it in a bit more context, for less than the price of a Mars Bar, one bulb of our amazing British grown garlic, can spice up your meals for weeks.

Any questions

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