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CSA Share membership explained

The main way to enjoy our fresh seasonal produce is through a regular weekly box subscription, available for 21 weeks. However, we also sell surplus produce from our online farm shop. Find out more below.

Regular box subscription

By choosing this option you commit to a regular weekly box delivery for a period of 21 weeks, commencing on the first Monday in June through to the end of October. Your weekly box costs between £10-£20 depending on the size you choose, and there are various content options available (see "whats in your box" below). Choosing this option takes the hassle out of ordering produce, and also guarantees you get stock before its sold. You will also be supporting our farms future, and this option forms the basis of our model. To reward this regular commitment, additional produce will be added to your box when harvests allow. You will also be invited to the farm for open days, where you can see what we do, how we do it, and even get involved (optional!). However, this is a regular commitment, so is best suited to those with predictable shopping habits. You can take up to two weeks worth of breaks from the subscription, in case you need to take a holiday abroad etc (these weeks will be refunded), and you can also cancel your subscription with four weeks notice if it is not working out for you.

You can also use the farm shop (as below) in addition to this option, should you wish to purchase extra produce.


To sign up to the regular box subscription, please register as a member using the box at the top of the page, and then chose the box option that best suits you from the online farm-shop. Although we are not commencing our box scheme until June 2022, you can subscribe for this service at any time and we take a single weeks payment to secure your share. The remaining 20 weekly payments will be arranged via a recurring weekly subscription (PayPal) to commence when the produce becomes available in June - we will be in touch. We only have 30 subscription shares available, which will be offered on a first come basis. Remember, you must live within around 15 miles of SY22 5NA to join. Boxes are available for either local pick up (Llanfyllin market on a Thursday) or home delivery (£1.75)

branch of ripe raspberries in a garden.j
Green vegetable garden, top view.jpg

Flexible farm-shop

This option is more flexible, and gives you access to the online farm shop, which opens from the 1st June right through to the end of the year. You order produce to suit you, although stock is subject to availability with priority given to the box subscriptions. There is no need to order every week, or order the same items on a regular basis. However, you must collect your items from our collection point at Llanfyllin market (every Thursday). We will have your order ready, with your name on it!

To sign up to the flexible share membership, please click the box at the top of the page and this allows you access to the individual items in the online shop. 

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