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Basket with vegetables (cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, radish and peppers) in the hands of a

Price list


Long fresh and tasty cucumbers grown in our poly-tunnel. Varieties such as Carmen and tasty Green. Available from late June to September



We grow sweet Bell as well as long sweet peppers, usually green, orange and red. Astor and Bell Beauty varieties available from July



Picked as close to delivery as possible, to achieve that fresh sweetness,our tomatoes include Beefmaster, Sungold and Super Sweet. Available from June.

£2.20/300g (cherry/vine)
£0.60/each (beefsteak)


Various whole lettuce varieties to include Fristina and All Year Round. Available throughout the year. We also sell bagged mixed salad leaves with a mix of tasty peppery surprises.

£0.90 each (sold loose)

Spring onions

Freshly picked spring onions available for most the year, with varieties such as White Lisbon.


Salad leves mix

A colourful mix of freshly picked salad leaves, such as mustard, rocket, Mizuna and traditional lettuce leaves.

£2.00/150g (LDPE poly bag)


Grown through the year and packed with fresh goodness.

£2.00/300g (LDPE poly bag)


We grow a range of delicious Kale varieties for year round supply



Packed full of sweetness, our carrots are picked fresh and bunched strait from the field



Our beetroot varieties include Boltardy and Red Ace, and we guarantee the best flavour and colour



Often left in the ground until the frost sweetens them, our parsnips really pack a punch, especially when roasted.


Purple sprouting brocolli

Full of crunch and with its distinctive colour, our sprouting broccoli will brighten up any plate. Varieties include burgundy and summer purple.



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Our garlic bulbs are larger than you may be used to, with varieties chosen for size and flavour.,such as early purple and provence.



Large and firm balls of freshness, our cabbages are packed with flavour and goodness. We don't grow many, so be quick!



We grow both yellow and green varieties of courgette (Zucchini) and aim to pick them the day of delivery.

£2.25 (pack of 3)


Great fresh, or cooked, or mangetout variety "Carouby De Maussane" produces large pods.



Planted deep, our leeks naturally blanch and taste amazing fried with butter!

£2.00/pack of 3 (400g)

French beans

We grow the variety Annabel, for long string-less beans and are available from mid to late summer. Can be cooked whole.


Herbs (bunch)

Our herbs include coriander, basil, parsley and dill and are available in mixed bunches or individually. Great to jazz up your cooking and picked fresh.


Cut flowers (bunch)

We grow Calendula, Sunflower, Cosmos, Zinnia and rudbekkia to name but a few. Great for the home, business or as a gift. The bees love them too.



Grown in full sun, our June bearing strawberries are full of freshness and flavour. Varieties include Florence and Sonata. Available from late June to July, so get in quick!



We grow a range of raspberry varieties to harvest through the summer and autumn. Packed full of flavour and with some large varieties not usually found in supermarkets.



We grow Elliot, Bluegold, Bluecrop and Duke, offering a wide harvesting window. Full of flavour and packed with goodness...the ultimate super-food.



Bursting with sweet juices, we grow a range of thorn less and traditional varieties.

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