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Volunteer Fridays

(from 16th June 2023 - 27th Oct 2023)


Every Friday, from 10am - 4pm, we welcome individuals, families, couples etc to come and help out on the farm. It's a drop in and out arrangement, and you can come for an hour, or the day. There's no need to commit to a weekly visit, and you can drop by as little or as often as you like, even if it's just a one off. 

Its a busy place, with orders being picked and veg being harvested and packed, so bear in mind you may need to self direct, or be patient as we get things done. But there are places to sit and relax. If in doubt, just look for weeds!

If your fine to just go with the flow, and pick up a few skills along the way, then by all means come along.


At around 1pm we chop some salad from off the farm, and serve with cheese and fresh bread.

No dogs

Bring water

Parking, albeit limited

Very uneven ground

contact us for more info

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