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About Pili-Pala Farm

Named after the welsh word for butterfly, Pili-Pala symbolises the changes we have made to this south facing sloping area of pasture, to transform it into a productive market garden and a haven for pollinators.

Using a no-dig system, and no applied chemicals (such as pesticides), we are focusing on regenerative growing strategies. The small farm is set amongst 5 acres, in the rolling hills of Mid-Wales, and benefits from a valley micro-climate of full sun, and reduced frosts.

To date, we have improved the clay soils with over 100 tonnes of compost, and are constantly adding green waste organic material to the surface of our beds, and leaving the soil life to do the rest.

All the work on the farm is done with hand tools, and tractors, tilling, and other mechanised systems are not employed. We work with nature to encourage strong growth as a means of reducing pests and disease.


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